Evolving Real Estate Investing Using Science

Machine augmented residential underwriting at scale using alternative data to augment primary data for professional single-family investors, with minimal human interaction

What We Do

Haystacks.AI uses primary structured real estate data, and layers in numerous sources of unstructured ancillary/alternative data, to augment investment decisions and identify new opportunities for manufacturing alpha.



Haystacks.AI delivers a full-stack technology platform to streamline the entire real estate investing lifecycle. We empower professional single-family investors to discover and capture untapped alpha trapped in residential real estate assets.


Haystacks.AI unlocks a new investment approach

Professional single-family investors can now unlock the ability to underwrite, acquire and manage for-rent single family at scale


Unify traditional and alternative data sources to identify mispriced units, while creating tools to refine underwriting assumptions on the fly


Drive efficient purchasing, unlocking the ability to batch-select prospective properties, while keeping portfolio construction in mind


Maximize value through revenue enhancement tools, and intelligent management of expense load